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How do I resend my activation code?
Ans. You need to login your un-activated account, then system will detect and ask you to activate your account, just click on the link and you will redirected to the resend activation form

I cant even get a banner to upload.. what am I doing wrong?
Ans. 1. Check for the allowable files.
2. Take note of the error display.
3. You can contact us at postbannerfree@gmail.com so that we can hep you, our team can help you.

how do i delete or deactivate my registration?
Ans. You may send an email to our support team indicating that you want to cancel your registration and state the reason also.

i am not able to use surf cash and credit on this account also because only one website takes over . please provide soultion
Ans. We have a "report" link under our manual surf program. you can report a website to remove it from the queue

Not Excepting my E-Mail address
Ans. The error was due to the incorrect format. But we decide to allow uppercase in e-mail address.

How can i add credits to banners?
Ans. 1. By Surfing other websites. 2. By Upgrading your account you will receive 500,000 credits and double your credit earnings (1:1)

I paid for the update but my account is still showing FREE???
Ans. Can you send us your username and e-mail? We will validate it from our paypal account. Only users that pay using paypal will have their accounts upgraded. You may send us an e-mail also at postbannefree@gmail.com

how do i get paid?
Ans. You will get paid through Paypal. Minimum Payout is $1.00

I upload 6 banners and I can not more..is there any limit daily/ montly ??
Ans. For FREE Account you can upload 15 banners only, but if you upgrade your account you can upload more banners up to unlimited! Check out the upgrade account page

Why can I not re post my banners?
Ans. Check you banners expiry if already expired, then you can re-post it again.

I tried to upgrade but it didn't let me pay you? Why?
Ans. Paypal limited our admin account for payments, but it was already resolve you can try again. visit this link. http://postbannerfree.com/account-upgrade.php

Can't find my banner in Manage Banners.But is showing on home page.
Ans. Banners under FREE Account are under the "Upgraded Account" banners of our "Banner" listing

Made My Upgrade Payment Yesterday, Still Show Free !!
Ans. You can e-mail us your username you used when you sign-up so that we can check and upgrade your account. Our makes sure that every single transactions paid or not gets processed.

Delete this account please.
Ans. Hi, please e-mail us your account to be deleted.

Can I pause my ads? If so how do I do that under the status of banner ad?
Ans. Yes, under banner details, you can click on "De-activate" to pause your banner ads.

I have paid life time upgrade and still show free member
Ans. The support team are still processing on your ad purchase. Please wait patiently or you can send them an email.


How to advertise in postbannerfree.com?
Ans. You can start in our Account Upgrade Program

who are viewing my banner ads
Ans. Other advertisers and internet uses from different websites like PTC, PTR, Facebook, Forums, and other advertising platforms

Can I post my banner ad in more than one category at a time
Ans. Yes, you can post same banners in multiple category

Can I advertise banners with affiliate links in them
Ans. Yes, you can advertise your banners with affiliate links

how do you post a html banner?
Ans. Only upgraded account can post HTML and other banner formats (e.g. Flash). You have to send us the code and we will post it under your account.

how i show a banner correctly?
Ans. 1. Check the image file if the extension is valid. 2. Check the location of the image if existing specially the external banner image (URL) 3. Enter also the banner description. 4. After saving, Check the banners if already added in the index page under "New Banner Advertising"

how i advertize my banner
Ans. First you need to Account Upgrade Program

why does the status say waiting for the websites?
Ans. The traffic exchange website status which means it needs to be activated. But it was changed to status "Activate" which you can click to activate your website automatically.

hello can just i post banner hell with my affilate link and without website,html or javascript and still makes sells.
Ans. Yes, you can post your banner ads with affiliate link and be able to sell your product.

how can i see my banners
Ans. You can view it at the home page, "Banners" page

How do I keep my banner ads in Top 10 Popular Banners area?
Ans. For your banners to be at the Top 10 Popular Banners page it must have a lot of clicks or page visits.

I posted 2 the banners today. Can you send me information or link where other than your website the banner is being displayed
Ans. We can't post it here. But we have different sources. Mostly our traffic comes from the search engines and other PTP websites.

Just wanted to check, if I sign up, add my website and create a banner. Does that mean my website will have banners on it?
Ans. No, you have post or upload your banner and assign the website URL

What is the maximum size for banners for a free acount?
Ans. Please read our TOS Page

Do you support the ppc advertising.
Ans. As of the moment we don't support PPC Advertising

Can you Advertise my Ad on Travel Website or Portal
Ans. Yes, you can advertise your travel website

where are the banners seen? just on your site? or other sites (not directly backlinked or linked to oyur site)?
Ans. In this website and our websites, google and other search engines, and backlinks to other websites.

Will you be adding a Sports Section and if not, what section will I put it under, eg. Health/Fitness/Wellness?
Ans. Yes, already added

what is the image link
Ans. Image Link is the URL or location of your banner image

what is the url of a banner
Ans. The external location of your banner images or the uploaded path of banners if uploaded

what is the url of a banner?is it BB code or html?
Ans. We do not allow BB Code, but we convert the info of banners to HTML. The URL of a banner is the location of your external banners (e.g. http://postbannerfree.com/images/sponsorads/banners/Postbannerfree_banner1.png), But there's option also to upload your banner images.

Im having trouble putting up a free banner. It keeps giving a msg iv exceeded the banner limit but iv just registered and its my first banner
Ans. You can try again, adding your Free Banners. This is issue is already resolved.

how to promote my banner as a free member
Ans. You can check under your account "Promote Your Banners", each member are give a unique URL (e.g. http://postbannerfree.com/advertiserpage.php?id=1) that can be use when promoting your banner list.

How to promote banner
Ans. You can check under your account "Promote Your Banners", each member are give a unique URL (e.g. http://postbannerfree.com/advertiserpage.php?id=1) that can be use when promoting your banner list. And there's a lot of ways to promote your banners like posting your promotional link to social media websites (e.g. Facebook.com and others)

How can I advertise your website Postbannerfree.com
Ans. You can use your promotional link under "Promote Your Banners" of your account

How do i know the number of visitors to my link?
Ans. Under "Manage Banners" page you can find a column "Hits" and "Visits" and in "Manage Websites" you can find a column also "Visits". Hits are the total impressions while Visits are the total views of the website link.

How can I get more traffic on banners?
Ans. One tip we can give is to have more banners posted, as we have observe. And get that unlimited traffic package if possible, really worth it! We're almost giving it for FREE? http://postbannerfree.com/account-upgrade-details.php?adid=Z

Is alexa.com reliable enough to gauge the website's advertising capacity?
Ans. Not at all, But It can be very helpful to know the traffic estimate of a website. You can also check the reputation of the website by searching them on google.

Homepage Banner Advertising Top 9 (1 Banner Only on index page). I purchased this today. I am not sure how to do this banner advertising?
Ans. Under your account menu "Homepage Advertising" click on "Add Homepage Banner" to show your banner on the homepage or index page.

One of my sites has been reported, can you tell me why?
Ans. It could be that other surfers finds something annoying to your website or our clean-up script caught it. We clean-up our Traffic Exchanges queue from time to time of dead/abandoned links and etc.

Every time I try to send a message to everyone it comes up an error. Please advise.
Ans. 1. You can try to send us the actual error you encounter so that are support team will be notified and fix the error. 2. You can try to limit the no. of users you want to send. Upgraded accounts usually have higher capacity of users that they can send message.

How to promote my banner ads.
Ans. You can use "My Website Rotator" or "My Advertiser Page" under your account and advertise it to other ad networks. or use it on the site itself, e.g. Manual Traffic Exchange program and etc.

How the paid to click works exactly and is it possible the banner advertised to tier 1 countries only ?
Ans. 1. You purchase PTC Ads, our support team validates the details and payment. 2. The system will choose the most active, newest , previsouly active member to participate or click on your PTC Ads. 3. The system will also send email notification to the selected members, however the system can re-assign the non-moving (not clicked yet) PTC Ads to other members. 4. Under your account also "PTC Transaction List" you can see the users and the date of clicked banner 5. Yes, you can specify the countries your PTC ads.

General Information

What is a "Re-Post" button under "Add Banner" Form?
Ans. It is used to reset the expiry date of the banner, you can use this option over and over again

How can i see my posted banner ad?
Ans. You can view it at the home page, "Banners" page or if you want to update your posted banners go to your account page "Manage Banners"

why can't I see my banner?
Ans. Possible reasons: 1. Your banner has expired. 2. There was an error in creating your banner. 3. It could be in another page number of allbanners.php page

I placed a banner in the jobs section, and I cant see it, it says I have posted the max amount of banners . I only posted one anner
Ans. We already provided an update to this issue. Please check again.

Is this absolutely free?
Ans. This is absolutely for free. But we have some paid services or Sponsorship ads. You can send us an e-mail for now to participate.

What is CPM rate
Ans. CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions. For example, a $1 CPM means $1 for 1000 ad views. We pay $0.30 per CPM on our Traffic Exchange Program for Free Account.

You don't have category for health and fitness and wellness. Are you going to add them soon?
Ans. Added Health/Fitness/Wellness Category

I assigned credits to my websites but how can I tell if people are visiting my websites?
Ans. Our Paying Manual Traffic Exchange is built on honesty, which means that the visitors are real people viewing your websites, we don't manipulate the stats. You can check your traffic using other 3rd party tools. We don't pay cash for bogus traffic ;)

I cannot find re post button to reactivate my banners
Ans. Banners under FREE Account are under the "Upgraded Account" banners of our "Banner" listing

Where are is banner posted?
Ans. The banners will be posted in our website but advertise on different websites and platforms (e.g google search, PTC Websites and etc) and we will have website publishers soon to get even more traffic from different countries.

I posted many messages but I cannot see my posted messages in sent messages area. Can you help me please?
Ans. Please double check again we already investigated this issue and was already fixed.

I Paid $15.00 Yesterday for unlimited banner postings, where do you post therm ?? Can I find them online ??
Ans. Please send us your username that you used when signing up, so that we can process your upgrade. Our team are standing by to process every transaction we received. We even contact those pay us for ads just to make sure that they well get what they paid for. Right now we advertise them by batch in other websites also, but we're still working on our banner publisher system to have more audience and traffic. Our website itself is an advertising platform which drives huge amount of traffic.

I Getting 100s of Clicks On My Posted Banners, Are Those Actual Customers Or Just People Clicking For Credit ??
Ans. They are the people who visited your website from clicking your banners.

How much page i will surfed for earn the minimin cash?
Ans. 1,000 websites, but you can easily reach minimum payout compare it to other websites.

is your website running bot blocking software. So that i only get real people clicking my banners
Ans. We don't use click bots or any bots to simulate clicks or pad our stats. The traffic stats are counted based on the actual banner impression and clicks from real people and users.


When can I request payment?
Ans. When you join our Manual Traffic Exchange (1:1) you will have a chance to earn not just real website viewers (credits) or cash. You can request or cash-out money when you earn $1.00 or more.

How can I request payment?
Ans. In your account panel, click "Manage Traffic Exchange" beside Cash Earned info a "Request Payout" button will appear once your cash earned reached $1.00 or more. Click the button and fill-up the form and send.

Not Excepting my E-Mail address JanKruger@mtnloaded.co.za
Ans. You can register this format of e-mail. We decide to include such format in the system checking

Why is my own IP adress the only one on the list? I haven't clicked it once.
Ans. We tract every traffic, from displaying of banners to clicking them.

porque aun no me llegado mi pago de hace una semana?
Ans. It's possible our support team had encounter an error during the processing and are trying to contact you via email. Please check your sign-up email. As we always encounter payment issues from time to time.

Do you accept website development work?
Ans. Yes, we do accept website development and other programming works.

Suggestions and Requests

Hi there, I would like to suggest you, to put inside that we earn credits from referrals, otherwise your base of members will not grow for much longer, because not a lot of people are interested in the upgrade in the start, and i have never seen a traffic exchange without earnings on downlines. Think about it )
Ans. It's part of our plan to add referral earnings on the Traffic Exchange so that the members can earn more. One of our goal is to have our members earn bigger payouts.

I noticed that some people are unable to upload a banner (as stated in question #2) which was the case for me until I realized that the image doesn't actually show in the upload banner box - only its file name - so after filling out everything else and clicking save it uploads fine when the file name is there.
Ans. Yes, that's correct. The banner image will only be uploaded physically on the server once the submit button is pressed.

Cash and Credit Earnings

How can I earn real cash?
Ans. By participating in our own Paid to Manual Surf. You can start by logging into your account and add your website in "Manage Websites" and surf other pages to earn cash and credits too.

What do I use credits for?
Ans. Assigned credits are use for your website exposure. The website with assigned credits will be viewed by other members surfing websites.

directed automatically to megastoon.com when i click surf cash and credit, please solve the problem urgent
Ans. We already de-actived this website. We're finishing an update that will give allow user to report link

automaticly redirected to http://rwjmarketinglcp.com/?redir=frame&uid=rwjmarketinglcp54a6f980d1af10.81961888 when surfing for cash and credits
Ans. We already de-actived this website.

When will i get my money?
Ans. You will get paid through Paypal. Minimum Payout is $1.00

Hi, I am sorry if this has been answered but Im new. Why surf web-sites is frozen on 109 at the same time it counts credites for each next site. Thanks.
Ans. It could be that the website available for surfing at that time is only 109. The number of websites available to surf may vary day to day.

Ans. The limitation of website to surf, depends on the no. of website in the queue list, as of the moment there are thousands of websites to surf.

No me estan sumando dinero por los sitios visitados: Greetings. I have a doubt. since Sunday, June 24, I'm visiting 180 advertising sites daily. that gives until yesterday 30 July an average of 1080 sites. and I have only reflected in my account 0.234 dollar and should be at least 0.500. I do not understand why that error
Ans. Our CPM rates can change from time to time depending on the available paid ads on the queue.

Hi admin! Why i don't recive my comissions?
Ans. 1. Long payment queue. 2. Payment details not completed by user. 3. Payment error encountered during the processing. 4. Support team are still trying to contact the user, please check your emails.

Ans. Once you reached your payout threshold you can process your payout.

Paying Manual Traffic Exchange

How to re-activate website that was reported?
Ans. 1. Contact us and we will re-evaluate your website, then we will decide to re-activate it based on our Terms and Condition 2. You can remove/delete and add it again on the loop.

when do i get my payout?
Ans. You will get paid through Paypal. Minimum Payout is $1.00

Why do I keep getting redirected to your main page right after verifying a site on the traffic exchange????
Ans. Please double check again the options or links you clicked or your browser settings.

Is there any been paid list or proof of payment list page on the website?
Ans. Yes! visit this page http://postbannerfree.com/proof-of-payments-list.php

Account Upgrade Program

Ive upgraded my account but its still showing free membership please help
Ans. Sometimes the verification of payment takes time, since we do some of the processing manually so that every single payment will be processed. And we make sure every upgrade or advertising package delivered to our advertisers as we have been doing for many years, so relax and be patient :)

Ive upgraded my account but its still showing free membership please help
Ans. Sometimes the verification of payment takes time, since we do some of the processing manually so that every single payment will be processed. And we make sure every upgrade or advertising package delivered to our advertisers as we have been doing for many years, so relax and be patient :)

Hello. I paid the 20$ a few minutes ago for the lifetime upgrade, but account shows still free account! Transactioncode Paypal: 10V23296FL911363K. With greetings user: cromex1
Ans. Already processed this request. Every transaction we processed them.

Is the $30 upgrade a one-time fee or monthly fee?
Ans. One-time Fee Only! But this promo is time-limited.

How long does it take to upgrade after payment?
Ans. An average of one or two business days, depending also on the verification of the purchase. We recommended that you provide the necessary details on the website to avoid delay in verification of your ad purchase.

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